29 JANUARY 2010

There is no more denying it.
We are submerged in the age of consumerism.

And in a world where most people feel that if something can’t be sold, it’s not worth creating, it’s nice to find a ray of hope in the middle of the flashing dollar signs.

Dave Ackels is one such person who still creates artistic things for the sake of creating them. And for the joy of creating them. He picked up a video camera nearly twenty years ago and he’s been documenting skateboarding ever since. Along the way, he’s earned a film degree and contributed to projects for select companies in the skateboard industry, though his focus has always been the skate videos that he films, edits and distributes himself locally that spotlight the Dayton, Ohio skate scene.

With Absorb, Ackels’s latest project, he not only continues to document skateboarding in Dayton but has developed a series that offers up a glimpse into the lives of some of those who help make it happen.

These days, he travels light for the sake of those rare point and shoot moments, using only a Canon Powershot to collect footage and photos that he later assembles and presents as an episode of the Absorb Series.

Take a peak into the Dayton skate scene and into the mind of the guy who is responsible for capturing it.

No charge. No logos. Just pure skateboarding as it happens in the wild.