Regular Level-online readers will remember the review of the Banksy exhibition that occurred last summer here in the massive that is more officially known as Bristol City. I’m guessing it was a firm success—over 350,000 people swamped the city’s medium-sized museum during the one-off season when Banksy took over the place with his take on art. It was, in a nutshell, bloody brilliant. Now you’ve seen the graf, watch the movie: yes, Banksy’s gone and made a movie. I for one can’t wait.

, 05 March 2010


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Mark Noble photographer

Banksy artist


Long-time fans of the art of graffiti have had many, many underground heroes to follow and possibly emulate—but only a few make it to household name status, where middle-class middle-aged broadsheet readers may have a thick perfect-bound book featuring said artist on the coffee table. Here in Blighty, a completely anonymous chap from Bristol has certainly made it—at least, to the people waiting in line around the block for over two hours, he’s definitely made it. To say the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibit was impressive would be understating it a little.

Firstly, the setting. The Bristol Museum is one of those classically dusty old museums from yesteryear—well, 1905 to be precise—grand olde architecture, all stone and vaulted pillars spread over …read on

, 31 July 2009

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Mark Noble photographer


When I first saw Olympus’s wild new E-P1 camera, I froze. Because it looks just amazing. Brushed silver bodywork, a little patch of faux leather upon which to nestle your fingertips, an old-school flash hotshoe mount above the lens (no pop-up micro-flashes here which usually make a camera look like a Fitted 50:50 cap’s flipped up in a headwind), a proper round shutter release button, and another round button on the other side, chrome plate highlight lines… and a proper M-Zuiko lens stuck out the front. Just brilliant. Does retro get any better than this?
The E-P1 blows my skirt up simply because I have this camera’s film ancestor—its great-grandpa, if you will. My Olympus Trip 35 was the first …read on

, 10 July 2009