goodstuff 029

Al Jarnow artist


Celestial Navigations, the first full-length film release from Chicago-based archival record label Numero Group, showcases the short films and animations created in the late 1970s and early 1980s by illustrator Al Jarnow. True to form, Numero Group presents viewers with a carefully researched and compiled catalogue of Jarnow’s stunning body of work, from an animated take on Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat to Jarnow’s first venture into animation and a time-lapse piece compacting one year at his studio into a fifteen minute film, from which Numero Group took the title of their project. Experimental flip book animations detail the journey of a Volkswagon Beetle in several perspectives across highways, country sides and three-dimensional corridors in Autosong. Two …read on

, 11 May 2010

goodstuff 027

Omar Almufti photographer


I first heard Jahdan Blakkamoore on Earth Force, DJ Child’s mixtape tribute to classic roots reggae music, released on the Project Groundation label. The song, titled “She Told Me”, featuring 77 Klash, at first seemed a little out of place to be honest: a bare, hyper-digital track slotted between crucial hits from Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown. Over the next year or so I started checking for more of Jahdan’s material and I really began to understand the context in which his work fits seamlessly with the classic styles of the artists previously mentioned, while maintaining a modern sound that lends itself to the myriad of current interpretations of Caribbean music. “Diversity” is an understatement. From powerful one-drop tunes crafted …read on

, 09 March 2010

I was walking down the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam a couple months ago and came across Go Gallery. The exhibition at the time featured a bunch of really dope paintings done by two dudes named Two Things. The owner of the gallery was cool enough to put us in touch. We did an interview, went to a lot of rad openings, watched homies play Jenga for money and smoked hella cigarettes inside. These guys are super talented. Read about it, and look at some pictures.

, 03 February 2010


goodstuff 023

Michael Abramson photographer


Ken Shipley, Tom Lunt and Rob Sevier, working collectively as Numero Group, have set out to close the gap between songs seemingly gone forever and the people who have been waiting years to hear them again. Numero Group serves as an archival record label focusing on reissuing obscure soul, blues and funk recordings that hold a distinct place in the history of recorded music—or at least that’s how it started. From its inception in 2003, Numero Group has grown to include hundreds of titles touching several genres and has released these gems in a variety of mediums, both audio and visual. Their most recognized collection of releases, the Eccentric Soul series, features soul tracks on the verge of extinction from …read on

, 24 December 2009

Jazz, skateboards, art: if any of these things interest you then you’ll want to get familiar with Ian Johnson’s work. I always thought it would be dope to have an opportunity to ask Ian a few questions about the work he does, I hit him up and he was really cool about it. So put some Charlie Parker on the stereo, check out the interview, look through the gallery, and chill out for a bit.

, 08 December 2009