goodstuff 011


I can still remember the very first time I heard them. It was the same day I first met Neil Blender. 1986 or so. Neil was blasting their music over speakers in his living room when O and I walked in. My first question was, “Who is this?” Neil and O both responded, “The Minutemen.” I was dumbfounded. A few months later in a record store, my good friend Kevin Wilkins shoved a couple 12″ records in my hand and just said, “Buy these.” It was the Minutemen’s What Makes a Man Start Fires? and Double Nickels.

I purchased them both and my life hasn’t been the same since.

The Minutemen’s now iconic Double Nickels on the Dime has been floating in …read on

, 30 July 2009

goodstuff 005

Mark Noble photographer


When I first saw Olympus’s wild new E-P1 camera, I froze. Because it looks just amazing. Brushed silver bodywork, a little patch of faux leather upon which to nestle your fingertips, an old-school flash hotshoe mount above the lens (no pop-up micro-flashes here which usually make a camera look like a Fitted 50:50 cap’s flipped up in a headwind), a proper round shutter release button, and another round button on the other side, chrome plate highlight lines… and a proper M-Zuiko lens stuck out the front. Just brilliant. Does retro get any better than this?
The E-P1 blows my skirt up simply because I have this camera’s film ancestor—its great-grandpa, if you will. My Olympus Trip 35 was the first …read on

, 10 July 2009