goodstuff 004

Tom Oldham photographer


The Vibe Bar, East London, 6th July 2009: I’m too old for reviewing bands. Sorry, dear reader, to immediately discredit the forthcoming paragraph but rather annoyingly (for some junior snappers in the customary elbow-off down the front certainly) in photographic circles, experience still counts for a lot. Juggling available light with flash exposures and a band with a long mic cable and little regard for the confines of the stage as a working area, I give you Dananananaykroyd.
Six Glaswegians with more energy, dedication, enthusiasm, talent, drummers and reverse stage divers than anyone ever before. Not that I’ve been counting especially. Go see them and understand. I have no idea how they translate to record but in the increasingly important arena of the, erm, live music arena, Dananananaykroyd are delivering hard. It’s so easy for the tired and cynical to brush off new bands—that’s why the kids are at the front and us lot cower at the bar—but this chubby snapper sweated and smiled and got amongst it, for a refreshing change.

, 08 July 2009


Dananananaykroyd are due all over the UK and in lots of worldwide destinations forthwith