goodstuff 018


I’ve met a lot of incredible, talented people over the years through skating. That’s not an exaggeration… skateboarding has always seemed to attract the most talented, unique and friendly people.

Maybe the most remarkable aspect of this is that some of them I’ve never even met in person.

Take Mark Whiteley, for example.

I can’t even remember the first time I saw the SLAP magazine editor’s name or made note of his work. In hindsight, both just seem like they’ve always been part of the skateboarding landscape for me. One of those things you can take for granted if you’re not careful.

But when you stop for a second and examine his work and career, the sum of the parts quickly comes into focus and you realize that he was the guy who took that photo you love so much. Or wrote that editorial that always stuck with you. Or interviewed that guy who eventually became your favorite pro skater.

With a new edition of This Is Not A Photo Opportunity, a book of his photography, coming out this month on Gingko Press, now seems like a good time to stop and add up the sum of Mark’s work. What you’ll find is a multi-talented guy who has a passion for what he does and a love for skateboarding that’s unrivaled.

, 06 October 2009