Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag #13: The Hip-hop Issue

The premiere BMX zine, Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag, is back after a twenty-two-year hiatus. Mike Daily is back at the helm, and his deep connections in the world of old school flatland and rejuvenated love of Hip-hop are both evident here. This issue is basically an oral history of 1980s flatland freestyle BMX. It sports fifteen interviews with flatland’s finest, including Aaron Dull, Jim Johnson, Gary Pollak, Derek Schott, Gerry Smith, Marc McKee, Chris Day, and Dave Nourie, as well as current ripper Chad Johnston. There are also interviews with Dark Time Sunshine and Aesop Rock (the latter by mydamnself), stories by Mark Lewman, Peter Relic, Scott Towne, and other names you know.
The zine is also signed by all of the legendary Plywood Hoods, including Brett Downs, Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Dale Mitzel, Jamie McKulik, and Daily himself.
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, 24 August 2012