Jeff Stewart: March of Time and Skin

Pick up a thriller novel and chances are it’ll have a review quoted within that’ll assure you that you’ll not be able to put it down. “A page-turner.” I use these charity-shop-bought bestsellers at night to induce sleep: it requires turning only a page or two before my lights are out. (Bloke from Chicago Tribune, you’re an idiot.)

Stewart’s book, however, is, in fact—no, really—truly compelling. That it’s sort-of based on a period of the author’s own life makes it all the more so. It’ll have you wondering: Did he really work a crazy job on a fishing boat? Did he really turn down all that easy money? Did he really shag that hot foreign girl in the back of his van?

Regardless of that particular intrigue, the fascinating story of the protagonist’s turbulent life should be enough to lose anyone a lot of sleep, as it did me. Now I can sleep again. Zzzzzzz.

, 15 January 2010