omar Almufti photographer

Rusko at Terminal 5 NYC

Damn, Rusko showed up at Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen last week and tore the roof off the joint. The sold-out venue was literally shaking when I walked in and his set hadn’t even started yet. When he did hit the stage, it was straight to business, as he rinsed one bass-heavy, dubbed-out banger after another. The building felt like it was about to collapse at this point, the crowd was fucking mesmerized and even the venue staff had that look on their faces like, “Woah, who the fuck is this guy?”

Rusko’s set is a physical experience, pushing the affects of bass frequencies on the human body in a way that is truly mind-blowing. Touching on classic dub, drum and bass, R&B, steppers and house, the UK-based producer folds these elements adeptly into the trademark dubstep sound that’s been soaking into the scene the past few years, making it pretty clear why he’s been the vetted as the one to take this to the world.

, 04 May 2011