Hello. Please follow the instructions to enjoy our clock on your old devices.

Designed to replace the need to purchase a new bedside/other clock if you have an old smart device gathering dust.

Dig out an old smart phone or wifi device and get it working.
Make or find a stand for it.
Plug it in for a constant power supply.
Turn off screen sleep.
Open this page in its browser. ( levelmag.com/clock )
There, click the icon at the bottom of this page to load the clock page (after you’ve read this).
You’ll now see the clock. Don’t worry about the menu bars showing at this point. Add that page to the home screen so it works like an app. (Apple Safari: at the bottom of the screen, tap the square with the up arrow and find “Add to Home Screen”. You might need to wait a second for the app icon to load.)
Open that ‘app’.
Rotate portrait/landscape as preferred.
Tap the logo for day/night mode.
Tap the URL to go to the somewhat abandoned Level mag site (link may not work on older OSs).
Note LevelMagClock doesn’t have a built-in alarm. Use the phone’s built-in alarm or your new phone for wakey-wakey time.
Remove new clock from shopping list. Spend savings locally if you can.
Ready? Then click below. Sleep tight.

Design and build by Chris Noble. Tested on iPhones. May not work on all devices.

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