A new Level clock from your old device. Smart. CN140622

MCA tribute billboard in LA. By Shepard Fairey and Glen E. Friedman. CN010612

Skotch & Stitch: a Netherlands artist/“art community”/blog with a nice street art focus. CN100412

A new photo book by Ricky Adam, the best BMX photog ever. Not just BMX. CN090312

This movie looks bloody brilliant. God Bless America. CN070312

The legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman has a new website. Historic stuff. CN110112

Nikon adds a plethora of bells and whistles with its new D, the 4. CN060112

Letterpress of that Apple quote for an end-to-poverty charity on sale until Dec 17th. CN071211

Too awesome to be true? Cutest micro-printer revives print via your iPhone. CN021211

Signal Snowboards’ one-off “iShred”, complete with lit logo and iPad, for Steve Jobs. CN171111

Skate Friday? Foundation’s WTF! on Thrashercom. CN041111

A nice little edit: Malto and friends, straight to the internet. CN041111

Eames flick. CN271011

Unorthodox, sure, but effective? It’s that newfangled Lytro Light Field Camera thingy. CN211011

Did Rick order too many? Fourstar Gonzesque cooler bag on silly sale. Ten bucks! CN211011

Canon’s new top-of-the-liner: EOS-1D X. CN181011

JFK airport’s amazing, empty TWA terminal designed by Eero Saarinen open for OHNY: Oct 16th. CN101011

Amazing Japanese automatons, 300 years in the making. Karakuri. CN071011

Unlike some NW companies I could mention, Lakai’s creativity is bang on. CN061011

Evan Hecox’s Tumblr: The Woodshed. CN011011

i-device app-controlled spy tank with AV feedback. CN260911

“Inspired by French and Italian Cinema of the 50′s and 60′s”—really, Fourstar? Really? CN220911

Design book recommendations. (We recommend you buy ’em locally or from betterworldbooks.com though.) CN220911

Man visits Koenigsegg factory, does doughnut, for Dough’Nut. Want a Hertz Doughnut? CN090911

Spiderman is English. Fact. Get over it. Well, half over it anyway. CN080911

“I Feel Good Today” bike artwork by Hamburg’s Niels Buschke, initiated by Two Wheels Good. CN080911 [1]

First Saul Bass retrospective bookness: November 2011. CN290811

Like the last 25 years never happened: a short on freestyle cycling in The Gambia. CN250811 [2]

Jobs done. CN250811

A short following a young Amsterdam skater on his way to Damn Am. Plank part one. CN230811

Crazy freakin’ sledder. CN230811

Backcountry nest in wait for it… Oregon. Of course. CN230811

It’s either a giant cat or someone’s seriously into crafting amazing RC off-roaders. CN220811 [3]

Ridley Scott in, Ford out: Bladerunner 2, the pre-sequelizationing. 2014. CN190811

Dads are the Original Hipsters. CN160811

We did this in the 80s (sans fancy bindings); now it’s hip. Homemade snowboards. CN160811

Part skatepark, part youth centre, part spaceship from the future. MN090811

Things you can do at an Apple store. CN030811

Photographer Walter Pieringer has a new website. CN010811

Experimental skateboard shades. Fast-forward to the workshop footage. CN010811 [4]