goodstuff 018


I’ve met a lot of incredible, talented people over the years through skating. That’s not an exaggeration… skateboarding has always seemed to attract the most talented, unique and friendly people.

Maybe the most remarkable aspect of this is that some of them I’ve never even met in person.

Take Mark Whiteley, for example.

I can’t even remember the first time I saw the SLAP magazine editor’s name or made note of his work. In hindsight, both just seem like they’ve always been part of the skateboarding landscape for me. One of those things you can take for granted if you’re not careful.

But when you stop for a second and examine his work and career, the sum of the parts quickly …read on

, 06 October 2009

goodstuff 015

Mijonju / Superheadz photographer


Back in 1999, one of the first things I wrote about for Level was the Lomo LC-A camera, around the time it was just beginning to get some attention. Ten years on there’s a digital equivalent, but this time it’s not from Russia. The Digital Harinezumi (or hedgehog in English) was created by a group of obsessive lo-fi toy camera lovers in Japan called Superheadz who were also one of the first to introduce cheap Russian cameras to Japan. They sell a huge range of analogue cameras from their Shibuya store with an increasing number designed and produced by themselves, including a key-ring 110 camera and the Blackbird Fly, a twin lens reflex camera that uses 35mm film. There’s even …read on

, 25 August 2009

goodstuff 005

Mark Noble photographer


When I first saw Olympus’s wild new E-P1 camera, I froze. Because it looks just amazing. Brushed silver bodywork, a little patch of faux leather upon which to nestle your fingertips, an old-school flash hotshoe mount above the lens (no pop-up micro-flashes here which usually make a camera look like a Fitted 50:50 cap’s flipped up in a headwind), a proper round shutter release button, and another round button on the other side, chrome plate highlight lines… and a proper M-Zuiko lens stuck out the front. Just brilliant. Does retro get any better than this?
The E-P1 blows my skirt up simply because I have this camera’s film ancestor—its great-grandpa, if you will. My Olympus Trip 35 was the first …read on

, 10 July 2009