In honor of the new Spike Jones movie, Girl Skateboards has released a series of Where the Wild Things Are decks. All the characters—and appropriate widths—are available. (I got the 8″ Rick McCrank featuring Emil’s big mug on it.) What better way to commemorate the movie event of the year than with some wild tre flips and impossibles on a board featuring one of the Wild Things?

, 01 September 2009


goodstuff 015

Mijonju / Superheadz photographer


Back in 1999, one of the first things I wrote about for Level was the Lomo LC-A camera, around the time it was just beginning to get some attention. Ten years on there’s a digital equivalent, but this time it’s not from Russia. The Digital Harinezumi (or hedgehog in English) was created by a group of obsessive lo-fi toy camera lovers in Japan called Superheadz who were also one of the first to introduce cheap Russian cameras to Japan. They sell a huge range of analogue cameras from their Shibuya store with an increasing number designed and produced by themselves, including a key-ring 110 camera and the Blackbird Fly, a twin lens reflex camera that uses 35mm film. There’s even …read on

, 25 August 2009

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In 2001, Campbell Milligan emailed me asking what had happened to Level and for advice about starting a magazine of his own. Foolishly, he ignored my warnings, quit his job at Australia’s Waves magazine and, along with Chris Searl, planned to publish his dream magazine at the end of 2002. “She’s pretty much going to be along the same lines Level was with more of a surf skate snow kick”, he wrote in his next email. So if you’re looking at this site with a tear in your eye, mourning the death of print, heartbroken that Level’s only recourse for a return was electronic, you might find solace in the arms of Monster Children.

MC was openly inspired by Level but …read on

, 10 August 2009