Road to Nowhere

Joseph Del Duca photographer
22 April 2011

Deborah Lyli Parcesepe and Eugenia Chiasserini models

Italian fashion shooters are like busses: even when you’re not waiting for one, two come along at once. This time, I was sold by the natural sunlight and that good ol’ American dreamy summer look. (After this shoot, I reckon the girls finished off their latest batch of moonshine and went alligator rustling.)
Photographer Joseph Del Duca (call him Jos) is based in Florence, Italy and is into keepin’ it real.

Take this bag of snakes and lay them out straight, Jos.

I really like to make portraits, especially to female subjects. In fact, one of my actual projects is dedicated to photography of females with the purpose to emphasize their beauty as much as their sensuality and charm. Although I have no preclusions at all, I usually represent my subjects from a personal and intimist point of view which implies a light use of postproduction tools with the aim to leave each picture as much close to its reality as possible. Among other things, I collaborate with some model agencies and I also teach in some photography courses.

The “Eternal Road” project originates from the idea of making a series of pictures along the lines of some shots seen on a fashion magazine.

Deborah and Eugenia kindly offered themselves for the shooting and Federico has made available his Cadillac for this project.

The concept of this project was to show some fragments of an hypothetical journey without a destination of two girls, emphasizing the feeling of freedom and carefree focusing on light, and then on color and on the presence of air, wind…

There is no type of interaction between Deborah and Eugenia that, instead, are seen as two figures close, but at the same time independent.

I hope this sequence of photos is able to show this concept.

Speaking about my way of taking pictures, I tend to prefer by far the presence of feelings that can emerge from my images rather than the sterility of some shots shown on many fashion magazines and fashion blogs.

I find it essential that the model has its own very specific identity and is not portrayed as a simple dummy without a soul. This applies to all of my shots that portray human figures and therefore I like to embrace the philosophy of the photos focused on lifestyle and general mood. I also prefer to rely on a sequence of events rather than on the precise preparation of the photo shoot.

I do not feel myself as a photographer (of fashion, glamour)… but I simply feel myself as a photographer trying to offer to the public those feelings or moods that are at the basis of our lives.