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If you can’t beat them

I’ve been tinkering with the site. I threw out my ideals and ideas of a clean and super-simple front page and gone with a more standard set-up. What’s new?
A blog layout. Bosh. All the wordy posts in one big pile, unless you want to browse a section: click on the tiny section-of-choice heading above posts to do that. As always, click on the logo to head home.
Comments. In the print mag, the letters page was called “comms”, short for “communications” so that’s what the comments are titled, short for “comments”. Handy, that. Until there are new things to make your mark on, go back and have your say about the entries that previously had you thinking without means to heckle.
Whatnots are now more aplenty on the front page, but the captions are hidden in a hover.
New section: Personals. Not boy-meets-girl (swap and change at will), more check-me-out. It’s for our authors to plug their own good stuff. (I was previously against that; blame my old-fashioned magazine thinking.)
Also, a while ago, I stuck in some simple code to allow slideshows right up front. Hover to pause; click to advance.
If you find errors of weirdness, or have any ideas for further enhancements, drop them in this bit’s comments. See? Useful already.

, 11 January 2011