Proper coffee

A few years ago, Nestlé, the Swiss chocolatiers, put their hand to making a coffee-makin’ wonder system under the name of Nespresso. I wouldn’t be wasting your precious time if it weren’t for the fact that the coffee these little pod-based machines produce is nothing far short of nectar from the coffee gods.

It exposes how mediocre and weak the stuff Starbucks et al charge you far too much for really is. It’s shocking. Shocking. (More so than European chocolate vs American chocolate—even the fancy stuff from Whole Foods. Honestly, yanks, go to Cost Plus and treat yourselves to some Dairy Milk. Quite shocking.)

Pods work out about 60¢ each and are ordered online via the Nespresso “club”. (Swanky.) Nespresso machines can be found in good kitchen stores (who might be giving out sample espressos) or online and come in various designs and price tags but consider it an investment; it’ll pay you back in taste and by not buying the $4 landfill cups from your local coffee chain.

Now excuse me, I’m off to the kitchen get a proper cup of coffee.

, 03 February 2011