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I’m from New England, and despite being the closest part of the American mainland to Great Britain, New England lost most of its Queen-inspired flair over the years. It took a bit of overseas traveling before I experienced any real English culture, but it took a trip to the American Southwest to experience the Cornish pasty.

What the hell is a Cornish pasty? To the uninitiated, a pasty could easily be mistaken for a calzone, an Italian-inspired treat us Americans have transitioned to high school cafeterias, pizza parlors and microwaves. Aside from its self-contained nature, a pasty has very little to do with its Italian second cousin. And you don’t say it like ‘pasty’ as in ‘pale’: this ‘pasty’ rhymes …read on

, 25 February 2011

Michael Leon (him again) has moved from Portland, Oregon back to LA to start a skateboard company. Rather than start a brand from scratch, he’s reusing the good name of his long-running, somewhat mothballed, as-seen-in-print-Level, pet project clothing company Commonwealth Stacks—Stacks for short.
“It will be a departure from where Stacks has been in the past, toward a more clean/refined approach with maximum attention to detail when it comes to product design, graphics and packaging,” says Leon. “I guess we just want to up the level of craft you would usually associate with a board company.”
Product arrives in autumn.

, 18 January 2010