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Steve Bliss photographer


I’ve had a mild obsession with London rooftops since my formative teenage years were spent escaping authority on the lid of an NCP car-park opposite my school in Hammersmith. In later years, memories of afternoons wasted away in a blissfully forgotten space floating above the chaos and stink of W6 left me wondering why, in this crowded, overstretched, overworked city, we don’t take more advantage of the acres of space that the rooftops of London provide.

Hannah Barry, 25 year old artist, curator and gallery manager from Peckham, seems to have shared similar thoughts and is currently in the third year of producing ‘Bold Tendencies’, an outdoor sculpture gallery located on the top floor of a multi-storey car park in …read on

, 21 August 2009

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Mark Noble photographer

Banksy artist


Long-time fans of the art of graffiti have had many, many underground heroes to follow and possibly emulate—but only a few make it to household name status, where middle-class middle-aged broadsheet readers may have a thick perfect-bound book featuring said artist on the coffee table. Here in Blighty, a completely anonymous chap from Bristol has certainly made it—at least, to the people waiting in line around the block for over two hours, he’s definitely made it. To say the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibit was impressive would be understating it a little.

Firstly, the setting. The Bristol Museum is one of those classically dusty old museums from yesteryear—well, 1905 to be precise—grand olde architecture, all stone and vaulted pillars spread over …read on

, 31 July 2009

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Lee Basford photographer


An 18th Century Tower, 1,111 ticking clocks and a Japanese sound artist. These things all come together in a new Exhibition from Yukio Fujimoto. The location is Perrott’s Folly, built in 1758, now interestingly caught between various types of inner city housing. It formed part of the inspiration for Tolkien’s The Two Towers and has only recently been re-opened after closing its doors twenty years ago.

Inside you’ll find a narrow stone staircase winding up to the first room which on entering appears to be empty and run down. With paint pealing from the ageing mouldings, the place has certainly seen better days. Then you notice a tiny clock softly ticking in the centre of the room, insignificant at first, …read on

, 17 July 2009

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Lee Basford photographer


The third instalment of The Joyful Bewilderment’s touring exhibition recently opened in Bristol. It all began at Rough Trade’s Brick Lane space in London back in September, travelled north to Analogue Gallery in Edinburgh and has now found its way west in the roomy basement space of Here Gallery in Bristol’s Stokes Croft.

It’s an amazing collection of work from over 100 like-minded artists spanning the globe, all sharing a strong craft-based aesthetic and compulsion to create. Walking through the space, it’s almost too much to take in; you really have to slow yourself down and examine each piece as something individual and of itself before you move on to the next. The work varies from pencil drawings by James Jarvis …read on

, 13 July 2009

The exhibition runs from 8th July until 8th August at Here Gallery, Bristol. Further information can be found at The Joyful Bewilderment’s blog page

The ever-elusive, never-exclusive street/graffiti artist Banksy has an extensive show on at the normally generic City Museum in his home town of Bristol, England. Interspersed with the standard exhibits are a hundred-odd Banksy trademarks, mostly stabs at the establishment. Old masters, government, everyday life and ignored injustices are all poked at with Banksy’s ingenious execution and devastatingly wry style which rarely fails to shake common perceptions.
This is a rare event, so don’t go waiting for one to come to a town near you as it may never happen.

, 07 July 2009

The Exhibition is free and open until August 31st

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