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Eric Anthony photographer

Andy Jenkins on Bend 20

Andy Jenkins should need little introduction to the Level reader. His ‘Glimpses’ pages were a regular highlight of this magazine’s print incarnation and a fair proportion of you will know him formerly as Art Director/Master Cluster member at Wizard Publications “back in the day” and/or currently as Art Director and virtually founding member of Girl Skateboards.

In addition, his artistic endeavors will be familiar to many through his gallery shows across the globe, published works (such as his illustrations currently gracing the pages of The Skateboard Mag) and his less-credited artwork for a few good Hollywood movies.

Jenkins has a stubborn bent for print publications, having cut his teeth living and breathing them under Bob Osborn’s encouraging gaze, and his self-made, self-published …read on

, 28 July 2011

Call me sentimental

Maybe it’s because I have kids, or maybe it’s because I started at my craft before the ubiquitousness of computers and will always prefer hands-on work over computer-generated stuff—probably a bit of both—but I love these charming magazine covers from Romania.

They feature in a new 160-page book titled Graphics Without Computer–40 Years of Modest Achievements which, as well as these covers from children’s titles, features print work from packaging to propaganda.

, 26 January 2011


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Morcky artist


I was at Morcky’s flat in Amsterdam a few months ago when I first had a chance to check out some the images that would come to be included in his recent book release, Day and Night. The finished work, realized with support from No New Enemies and Buzzworks, is a cohesive, thought-provoking collection of black-and-white illustrations that touch on a number introspective and collective experiences. Morcky was kind enough to answer a few questions and give some insight into the creation of the project.

How did you decide to create Day and Night? Is it something you were thinking about for a long time before you started?

Day and Night has been the answer to the need of giving a …read on

, 13 July 2010

goodstuff 029

Al Jarnow artist


Celestial Navigations, the first full-length film release from Chicago-based archival record label Numero Group, showcases the short films and animations created in the late 1970s and early 1980s by illustrator Al Jarnow. True to form, Numero Group presents viewers with a carefully researched and compiled catalogue of Jarnow’s stunning body of work, from an animated take on Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussycat to Jarnow’s first venture into animation and a time-lapse piece compacting one year at his studio into a fifteen minute film, from which Numero Group took the title of their project. Experimental flip book animations detail the journey of a Volkswagon Beetle in several perspectives across highways, country sides and three-dimensional corridors in Autosong. Two …read on

, 11 May 2010

“Not My Type: An Out of Character Experiment” is a typographical exploration of 26 letters (and a few sneaky characters) by 35 talented illustrators, designers and artists, all displayed in one giant alphabet.

The work is going to be stylistically diverse, with artists ranging from Jon Burgerman, I Love Dust, Sam Pierpoint, Lewes Harriot, Dan Westwood and members of The Outcrowd. (I’ll be bringing a big wooden ‘O’.) The exhibition will be showing initially in the Created In Birmingham store, opening May 6th; all prints will be available to buy from both the store or through the Facebook group where they’ll be shown for the first time to coincide with the opening night.

, 20 April 2010


To Haiti With Love is a worthwhile cause with a slight difference: when you donate, you actually get a piece of artwork as a digital file. You can send this on to a friend or simply use the image as your own desktop wallpaper. Each piece of work will be sold as a digital postcard for £1 to raise money to help the situation in Haiti.

There are artists from around the world donating work, with more getting involved daily as this project snowballs. So far, the list includes David Shrigley, Genevieve Gauckler, Bob Kronbauer, Rob Ryan, Simon Peplow, Alex Trochut and Anthony Burrill with photographers Ye Rin Mok, Cass Bird and Valerie Phillips recently signing up.

, 06 February 2010


I was walking down the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam a couple months ago and came across Go Gallery. The exhibition at the time featured a bunch of really dope paintings done by two dudes named Two Things. The owner of the gallery was cool enough to put us in touch. We did an interview, went to a lot of rad openings, watched homies play Jenga for money and smoked hella cigarettes inside. These guys are super talented. Read about it, and look at some pictures.

, 03 February 2010


goodstuff 022

Josh J. Holinaty artist


Canadian illustrator Josh J. Holinaty has carved out a niche for himself with a uniquely bizarre style of cartooning. Holinaty’s illustrative talents have landed his work in the pages of Transworld Skateboarding and Snowboarding, Color Magazine and The Globe and Mail, just to name a few. Recently a new collaborative project and some exciting personal work have been keeping things fresh in the midst of an ever-expanding client list.

You just released a graphic novel, We Hate This Place Here; It’s Our Home: Chapter One. Tell me a little bit about that project. How did it come about?

I’ve worked with writer David Berry quite a few times before we started up on the graphic novel. As the arts editor at …read on

, 15 December 2009

Type fancier site Typographica has put together a simple website showing an exhaustive collection of photos of classic logos and letters in (mostly) chrome and steel. Mid-century cars make up the bulk, with old fans, fridges, cameras and bicycles all getting a look in.

, 13 November 2009


When drunk drivers inadvertently collaborated with the current American health “system”, two by-standing Portlanders each lost a leg and gained an armful of steep medical bills.

If the system is proving reluctant to help, Austin and Lauren’s friends have jumped to it, holding various fundraisers such as garage sales (flogging overstock Commonwealth Stacks clothing for a buck a pop, et cetera) and now an email-bid art auction, flogging works by various artists including Andrew Pommier, Geoff McFetridge, Michael Leon and Mike Perry.

It’s decent art with extra good karma.

, 25 August 2009