I’ve been working nights everybody

Shooting bands before and after they go on stage in an attempt to capture the most exciting artists in the most candid and revealing of ways, in the seconds prior and the seconds immediately following their live performance.

We’re gathering some great results and getting a worthy hit rate of folks saying “err, okay” despite the huge intrusion at a time most artists are enjoying their rituals.

And whatever they may be, they rarely enjoy and give access to be photographed whilst doing them.

To make it happen takes some work and Ed Bartlett, my super-producer, is hammering all the normal platforms to engage managers and bands to take part and say “yes”. Harder than you think. We’ve a huge amount more to do but seeing as we’ve promised War Child we’d do it for them, the musicians charity of choice, we’d better deliver big. It should be a half decent fund-raiser for them as we’re aiming for an exhibition and nice big fat book, and we’ve some killer artists on board both in the can and in the long year ahead.

So, it means many night spent lugging kit, hanging around backstage, in corridors, outside the venue—anywhere we can squeeze our set up. Wherever we’ll be, we’ll be in the way but our view will be worth seeing, I guarantee it. A finely curated procession of artists will testify to that, hope you’ll agree.

Combining portraiture with live music photography is heaven for me, stay tuned for more rock and roll.

, 12 January 2011

Pictured, before and after, in order: Editors, Friendly Fires, Plan B, The Prodigy, Tinie Tempah, and the plush studio.

More info here: Beherenowphoto.com, Warchild.org and Tomoldham.com