I’ve been working nights everybody

Shooting bands before and after they go on stage in an attempt to capture the most exciting artists in the most candid and revealing of ways, in the seconds prior and the seconds immediately following their live performance.

We’re gathering some great results and getting a worthy hit rate of folks saying “err, okay” despite the huge intrusion at a time most artists are enjoying their rituals.

And whatever they may be, they rarely enjoy and give access to be photographed whilst doing them.

To make it happen takes some work and Ed Bartlett, my super-producer, is hammering all the normal platforms to engage managers and bands to take part and say “yes”. Harder than you think. We’ve a huge amount more to …read on

, 12 January 2011

Pictured, before and after, in order: Editors, Friendly Fires, Plan B, The Prodigy, Tinie Tempah, and the plush studio.

More info here: Beherenowphoto.com, Warchild.org and Tomoldham.com


goodstuff 019

Tom Oldham photographer


Whilst I’m fully aware of the righteousness this may well exude, I have to announce (via levelmag.com and beyond to the whole world wide web) that I’ve recently had a bit of a revelation.

I pondered thus: times being what they are, and while some are struggling to hold their business together and also working overtime to keep a grip on what they’ve fought for, a fair few freelancers—illustrators, graphic designers, photographers like me—must simultaneously have more time on their hands—dare we admit it—which maybe is being dedicated to scoring new business, working up their portfolio finally, visiting galleries and fffound.com for inspiration and generally doing all the stuff they’re certain they will when on holiday or on the sofa but …read on

, 22 October 2009

It’s just as contagious, but unlike swine flu, the nausea only lasts an hour. Rollapaluza is riding high amongst the UK’s hardcore cycling community. I went down, took part, shamed myself and liked it.

, 19 August 2009


My credit’s feeling a tad crunched so I’m off to the British seaside, just like I used to as a young pup. As the UK’s coastline enjoys a new enthusiasm, where else in a famously expensive location can a couple enjoy such a native treat without feeling properly tucked up? Warning: The following feature is a surefire sign that the writer is aging.

, 06 August 2009


Once again I packed my tour pant* and headed off on my (to date) nine-year documentary project with The Bays, driving all night to Soundwave Festival, Croatia. For the (not unreasonably) unaware, The Bays are possibly the least commercial musical enterprise since Cindi Lauper turned pro-wrestler—though at least their sweat and toil is appreciated by an ever-increasing audience, time after time…

, 29 July 2009

Article, here: Tom’s so close to the action one can smell the socks in the van

*An ‘in’ Bays tour joke, rewarding those who pack the least stuff: tour pant being one less than tour pants


goodstuff 004

Tom Oldham photographer


The Vibe Bar, East London, 6th July 2009: I’m too old for reviewing bands. Sorry, dear reader, to immediately discredit the forthcoming paragraph but rather annoyingly (for some junior snappers in the customary elbow-off down the front certainly) in photographic circles, experience still counts for a lot. Juggling available light with flash exposures and a band with a long mic cable and little regard for the confines of the stage as a working area, I give you Dananananaykroyd.
Six Glaswegians with more energy, dedication, enthusiasm, talent, drummers and reverse stage divers than anyone ever before. Not that I’ve been counting especially. Go see them and understand. I have no idea how they translate to record but in the increasingly important …read on

, 08 July 2009


Dananananaykroyd are due all over the UK and in lots of worldwide destinations forthwith