Graphic tickler, artist and Levelogger Lee Basford teamed up with friend and illustrator Simon Peplow to grit their teeth in a zen-inducing cyclothon across the south west of England. Hills came and hills went (and then more hills came and went) but, much like Pheidippides, they never gave up. Granted, then had gears, village pubs, comfy tent equipment and didn’t die at the end, but still. You try it.

, 11 November 2009


goodstuff 019

Tom Oldham photographer


Whilst I’m fully aware of the righteousness this may well exude, I have to announce (via and beyond to the whole world wide web) that I’ve recently had a bit of a revelation.

I pondered thus: times being what they are, and while some are struggling to hold their business together and also working overtime to keep a grip on what they’ve fought for, a fair few freelancers—illustrators, graphic designers, photographers like me—must simultaneously have more time on their hands—dare we admit it—which maybe is being dedicated to scoring new business, working up their portfolio finally, visiting galleries and for inspiration and generally doing all the stuff they’re certain they will when on holiday or on the sofa but …read on

, 22 October 2009

Once again I packed my tour pant* and headed off on my (to date) nine-year documentary project with The Bays, driving all night to Soundwave Festival, Croatia. For the (not unreasonably) unaware, The Bays are possibly the least commercial musical enterprise since Cindi Lauper turned pro-wrestler—though at least their sweat and toil is appreciated by an ever-increasing audience, time after time…

, 29 July 2009

Article, here: Tom’s so close to the action one can smell the socks in the van

*An ‘in’ Bays tour joke, rewarding those who pack the least stuff: tour pant being one less than tour pants